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  • n. A feud involving the members of a family or clan.

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  • n. A feud between clans or families; vendetta

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  • n. a feud in which members of the opposing parties murder each other


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  • Slender as a blade is slender, his light brown hair heavily streaked with gray, he was always calm now that the Shaarad's four-hundred-year blood feud with the Goshien Aiel had ended with Rand's coming.

    Lord of Chaos

  • In Pashtu the words for “cousin” and “enemy” are roughly the same, which is indicative of the endemic low-level warfare that is the way of life in the FATA, where all males are armed and the blood feud is a multigenerational pursuit that the tribesmen seem to genuinely enjoy.

    The Longest War

  • "Of course, the harpies could fly over the Gap, so there were some skirmishes-just enough to keep the blood feud alive-but mostly it was pretty quiet for several centuries."

    Dragon on a Pedestal

  • Sometimes they run away, and a blood feud is started.

    High Albania

  • Should the family keep her without permission from the medjliss, a blood feud with her husband arises.

    High Albania

  • When a blood feud is compounded in Thethi with a family not consanguineous, it is usual to cement the friendship by a marriage – not always successfully.

    High Albania

  • It was rather like Romeo and Juliet — except they lived and it made no difference whatsoever to the blood feud of Dirk against Tyler or the Struans versus the Brocks, it just heightened and complicated it.

    Noble House

  • There was blood feud between Bael's Goshien and Jheran's Shaarad, suppressed for He Who Comes With the Dawn but not forgotten.

    The Fires of Heaven


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