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  • n. The characteristic behaviour of boffins; nerdy scientific thinking.


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boffin +‎ -ry


  • Views: panoramicAuntie tweezers tales of boggling provenance from antique archives; adds F Bruce in provocative knitwearMaximal corporate hubris x incentivised boardroom intransigence = 140% idiotainmentLavish biography infuses wry top notes with curlicues of smoky boffinry.

    TV turn-ons and turn-offs

  • For an even more diverse array of boffinry, try the Beano Annual of science blogging: The Open Laboratory, compiled by Bora "Coturnix" Zivkovic of A Blog Around The Clock.

    Archive 2008-11-01

  • There's not been enough boffinry 'round here recently, so I picked a paper again.

    Archive 2008-07-01

  • The boffins 'failure to squeeze water from moon stone was reported last week in hefty boffinry mag Science.

    The Register

  • There's more on the Titanian polar lake evaporation spaceprobe boffinry

    Signs of the Times

  • The assembled dirt experts have convinced the editors of hefty boffinry mag presented (subsciption required for full text).

    The Register

  • In time, perhaps, the elusive Higgs boson might be found or not found, so conclusively settling the long-running grudge match between boffinry heavyweight Professor Higgs and his nemesis, famed wheelchair robovoice savant Stephen Hawking.

    The Register

  • US Navy boffinry chiefs say they have successfully tested a cunning, heavily augmented crane which allows containers to be loaded on and off ships tossing on the waves out at sea, removing the need for a harbour when mounting an invasion or delivering humanitarian aid.

    The Register

  • There's more on the Titanian polar lake evaporation spaceprobe boffinry here courtesy of

    The Register

  • Popović, his colleagues in academia, and tens of thousands of Foldit players have now provided that evidence in the form of a new study published in hefty boffinry mag

    The Register


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  • The Register: 'The LHC is to be run by CERN, the Euro nuclear-physics outfit famous for letting its boffins meddle with things best left alone... The boffinry community, however, pooh-pooh Wagner's fears. They say that teeny black holes might be created but would vanish right away. They also say that the strangelet-custard conversion and monopole transmutation threats, if they were viable, should have occurred already due to cosmic-ray impacts in the upper atmosphere.'

    March 31, 2008