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  • Main Entry: 1bo·fid

    Pronunciation: ‘bO-f&d

    Function: common noun

    Etymology: late 20th Century New Zealand, coined by Daniel Fulton

    1 : a typically overweight middle-aged man with a propensity for wearing flip-flops and shorts, who espouses good-natured bofidy jokes such as (while observing a neighbour washing his or her car) “I’ll bring mine over, you can do that next, eh?�?

    Ex (1): The Rotary Club Barbeque was wall-to-wall bofids.

    2 : a person prone to exhibit trite and obvious humour, especially in a jocund yet passive and non-controversial manner

    Ex (2) : That liquor store employee was such a bofid. After I put the 6 dozen beers and bottle of Jack Daniels on the counter he said: "So... quiet night tonight eh?"

    3 : someone who exhibits good-natured bumbling incompetence

    Ex (3): “Mum is already waiting in the Kingswood, hurry up and get your togs bofs, or we'll go to the beach without you.�?

    March 31, 2009