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  • n. A steel plate used in making the shells of steam boilers.
  • n. Journalistic material, such as syndicated features, available in plate or mat form.
  • n. Inconsequential, formulaic, or stereotypical language: The new provisions of the lease renewal were merely boilerplate.

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  • adj. Describing text of a standard or routine nature.
  • adj. Used to describe a non-functional spacecraft used to test configuration and procedures.
  • n. A sheet of steel used in the construction of a boiler.
  • n. The rating-plate or nameplate required to be affixed to a boiler by the (UK) Boiler Explosions Act (1882)
  • n. A plate attached to industrial machinery, identifying information such as manufacturer, model number, serial number, and power requirements.
  • n. Standard text or program code used routinely and added with a text editor or word processor; text of a legal or official nature added to documents or labels.


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  • Your dilation on the legal boilerplate is completely ridiculous.

    Thoughts on Opera Unite | FactoryCity

  • Overly broad legal boilerplate is an issue that affects so many places in our world where we deal with big companies that write contracts that govern our interaction.

    Google’s Thin-Skinned Lawyers - Bits Blog -

  • One of the open secrets of contract law is the fact that the contracting parties are not interested in reading the fine print-the "boilerplate" - that fills purchase orders, acknowledgments and other documents that are supposed to be the official record of the contract.

    Purchasing - Top Stories

  • A lawyer who does that is probably one who is going to force my company’s contract into some misguided boilerplate from a giant formbook.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » The Case for Abolishing the Bluebook

  • The language is apparently boilerplate from the publisher, and appears on (among other things) The Wind in the Willows, The Federalist Papers, Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil (good idea, there, especially as to “interpersonal relations,” though have views really changed so much since then?), and Marx & Engels’ Manifesto of the Communist Party.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Quite a Warning Label

  • Naturally, the ad was filled with standard Jindal campaign boilerplate, which is fine, but what struck me were the three very curious photos that accompanied the text.

    Archive 2007-10-01

  • Analyzing Apple's Boilerplate - A boilerplate is a flexible term used to describe many different things, but Apple's boilerplate is those lines of text that you see at the bottom of each of all its press releases, and it has remained largely unchanged for the past few years.

    Megite Technology News: What's Happening Right Now

  • IRS statement recalls boilerplate about abolishing the federal - News

  • A boilerplate is a section of HTML code that is common to many different documents.

    Search Engine Roundtable

  • Generating code libguestfs was to take a particular stand on so-called boilerplate code.

    Fedora People


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