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  • noun Plural form of borborygmus.


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From Greek βορβορυγμος (onomatopoeia)


  • The word borborygmi refers to the noises in the gut, onomatopoeia first used by the ancient Greeks, according to Mark Morton, an etymologist and author of

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  • Those rumbling, gurgling, growling sounds emanating from your midsection are called borborygmi and are caused by the movement of fluids and gases as food, acids and digestive juices migrate from the stomach into the upper part of the small intestine.

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  • The symptoms of LI are diarrhea, gas, cramps, flatulence, and borborygmi (the rumbling of air through the intestines) after the ingestion of milk products.

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  • Mr HdHouse, I'm not just exactly sure when you are asking questions and when they are rhetorical borborygmi, but here is the answer: if you statistically sequester 3 groups who share the same culture - white southern rednecks, urban blacks also culturally rednecks and southern blacks, then the rest of us do have a 'civilized' murder rate.

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  • Connection suggested between insufficient food and abdominal borborygmi.

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  • Pains in the hypochondria, and swellings, if recent, and not accompanied with inflammation, are relieved by borborygmi supervening in the hypochondrium, more especially if it pass off with faeces, urine, and wind; but even although not, it will do good by passing along, and it also does good by descending to the lower part of the belly.

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  • When the hypochondriac region is affected with meteorism and borborygmi, should pain of the loins supervene, the bowels get into


  • Of course, if they could harness the borborygmi produced as a result of the consumption of Tex-Mex, we could probably cut our oil imports down to a couple of spoonfuls, though I suspect the Organization of Pepto-Bismol Exporting Countries might have something to say about that. » Carbs return to the engine bay

  • If there be borborygmi, with bilious stools, purge moderately with scammony; but with regard to the treatment otherwise, administer as few drinks and draughts as until there be some amendment, and the disease is past the fourteenth day.

    On Regimen In Acute Diseases

  • Should you determine to give purgative medicines in such cases, at the commencement, you should do so before the fifth day, if there be borborygmi in the bowels, or, if not, you should omit the medicines altogether.

    On Regimen In Acute Diseases


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  • (n): a variety rumbling sounds produced in the digestive/intestinal tract by the movement of water, gas products of digestion, or the incomplete digestion due to intolerance of milk and dairy products, gluten, beans and legumes, grains, vegetables and other foods.

    January 4, 2009

  • "I looked forward to the librarian moms returning home to the borborygmic giants who would roll over on them in their sleep."

    February 17, 2009

  • Borborygmi, or stomach growling, is the sounds your intestines make when they are moving food around. Usually it occurs several hours after eating, which is why its often associated with hunger.

    June 17, 2009

  • I didn't even know there was a name for those. And you know what, it is a testament to human creativity that there should be one.

    July 16, 2009

  • "'What are ye doing out here wi' wee Philip Wylie?' Jamie asked, picking his way through a flock of house slaves, who streamed past from the cookhouse with platters of food steaming alluringly under white napkins.

    'Looking at his horses,' I said, putting a hand over my stomach in hopes of suppressing the resounding borborygmi occasioned by the sight of food."

    —Diana Gabaldon, The Fiery Cross (NY: Bantam Dell, 2001), 619

    January 23, 2010

  • Also see borborygmus.

    January 23, 2010