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  • n. A gallery forest found growing along a river bank or on the flood plain of a watercourse.


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See bosk.

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From the Spanish bosque ("forest"), perhaps also influenced by bosk via bosque¹.


  • For those of you not from the southwest, bosque is Spanish for wood or woodland.

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  • Our slow drive around the bosque is also a movable feast, a finger-food potluck on wheels.

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  • They are being replaced by non-native vegetation such as Russian olive and salt cedar tamarix, which are unsuitable for the wildlife that call the bosque home.

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  • The bosque the woods along the banks of the Rio Grande are called bosque in these parts was magnificent in its fall colors.

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  • My way to work took last year took me in the oposite direction of the mountains, towards the west mesa, straight over the river and through the bosque (cottonwood forests) The bosque is a treasure of the southwest, and my oohs and ahhs came from watching the subtle changes take place there as the seasons changed as I drove across it twice a day.

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  • I live near a bosque with acres filled with tree-lined, criss-crossed sidewalks with playgrounds and sidewalk vendors about two blocks down from me so I've never felt a lack of those leafy neighborhoods, though I have to pass in front of Plaza Morelos to get to it.

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  • By Una casa burbuja en el bosque, Decoración 2.0 on October 5, 2009 at 8: 02 am

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  • The property included a handsome little island, a shady cottonwood bosque, in the North Platte.

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  • Hoping for another glimpse of the big bird I skied down to the east end of the property, a cottonwood bosque that the river floods in spring and where thousands of young willows sprout anew each year.

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  • In the afternoon I skied down to the east end and into the cottonwood bosque to a corner I once thought would be a good place to put up a tent.

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  • The woody forest galleries I've observed along rivers in the region are somewhat sparse, in the areas I've traipsed around in.... Willow brakes, ubiquitous exotic tamarisk, and the lovely and occasional Fremont Cottonwood.... what else is to be seen there - from one naturalist to another, so to speak? ....

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  • "Bosque is the name for areas of gallery forest found along the flood plains of stream and river banks in the southwestern United States. It derives its name from the Spanish word for woodlands."__Wikipedia

    July 24, 2009