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  • v. Present participle of boss.

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  • n. In ceramics, the process by which a surface of color is made level and uniform.
  • n. The film of boiled oil thus spread over earthenware to hold the coloring materials.
  • n. In mining, the holing or undercutting of a thick seam, as of limestone, the height of the undercut being sufficient for a man to work therein.


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  • Basically, the idea is the same one behind the rise of Business Administration degrees at universities: There is a general science of bossing, which is broadly about manipulating money and to a lesser extent about manipulating people, and more specific knowledge of how to do things in any particular business is irrelevant.

    Peace, order and good government, eh?: September 2007 Archives

  • And we all saw that Kate had a tendency of, you know, kind of bossing Jon around.

    CNN Transcript Jul 22, 2009

  • The boys then perceived that Ruth's "bossing" was evidently a daily occurrence, a sort of family joke, and joined in laughing with old Mr. Everett, who seemed to take such keen delight in "saving his pride."

    The Ranger Boys and the Border Smugglers

  • Felicity had a natural aptitude for what we called "bossing," and in her mother's absence she deemed that she had a right to rule supreme.

    The Story Girl

  • Mme. Mistral as if they were her children, nursing and "bossing" them by turns.

    Vanishing Roads and Other Essays

  • But it's a bore to have to go on 'bossing' Landon -- he bears me a grudge, of course -- and I foresee it will be difficult to manage him.

    Innocent : her fancy and his fact

  • It used to be that only white men could do the "bossing," but the bottom rail is on the top, and Mr. Hancock is now doing such work as guides over seven hundred white employees and gives satisfaction to his generous employers.

    Men of Mark: Eminent, Progressive and Rising

  • "I like 'bossing' the village," said Delafield, with a laugh.

    Lady Rose's Daughter

  • He had learnt the arts of municipal "bossing" in one of the minor towns of Illinois, and had then migrated to Chicago, where for years he was the life and soul of all the bolder and more adventurous corruption of the city.

    Marriage à la mode

  • The boy testified that they were angry at him for "bossing" Schumacher and Lau's children, speaking ill of Waiters' brother, forgetting to water the lawn, not cleaning the bathroom the way Lau liked it and not changing the diapers of the couple's youngest son properly.

    SFGate: Top News Stories


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  • A projecting part in a ship's hull or in one frame of a hull, fitting around a propeller shaft.

    August 21, 2009