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  • n. See Amazon dolphin.

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  • n. Inia geoffrensis, a species of freshwater dolphin endemic to the Amazon river system


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Portuguese bôto.


  • The creature was actually a kind of dolphin called a boto, a very sociable creature that lurks in the shallows close to the beach at night and apparently likes nothing better than to swim between people’s legs.

    2010 June « Ken Wilson's Blog

  • Often known as pink dolphins or "boto," Amazon river dolphins face the same risks as the other two South American species, including the habitat fragmentation that comes with dam building along the Amazon and its tributaries.

    National Geographic News

  • The boto story is my way of exorcising the feeling of ridicule I get whenever any members of the 1986 cast get together.

    Ten reasons why I love Brazil (and no mention of football!*) « Ken Wilson's Blog

  • In Brazil, the boto dolphin is said to take human form.

    When a Billion Chinese Jump

  • Two freshwater mammals are endemic to the region: the Amazon manatee (VU) and the boto or pink dolphin Inia geoffrensis (VU) forage over the flooded land.

    Central Amazonian Conservation Complex, Brazil

  • The rivers are home to abundant boto river dolphins (Inia geoffrensis).

    Beni savanna

  • Darren covers peccaries and tapirs in the first, and announces: More in part II: more peccaries, new brockets, dwarf manatee, dwarf boto, black giant otter and others.

    New Mammals!

  • TucuxiLike the boto, the tucuxi, Sotalia fluviatilis fluviatilis, also inhabits the Amazon and Orinoco river systems.

    Hic jacet Lipotes vexillifer: Here lies the baiji

  • BotoThe boto, Inia geoffrensis, also known as the Inia or Amazon river dolphin, is endemic to the Amazon and Orinoco river systems in South America.

    Hic jacet Lipotes vexillifer: Here lies the baiji

  • Ang boto ay mahalagang-hijack na sa pamamagitan ng isang grupo ng mga dynamists: astronomers na pag-aaral ng mga kilos at gravitational epekto ng makalangit na bagay, na naapi na pamplaneta geologists ay gayon karaming impluwensya sa kahulugan ng nakaraang linggo, na idinagdag ng tatlong bagong planets sa ating solar system, sa halip kaysa sa eliminating ng isang makalangit na katawan namin tinatanggap bilang isang planeta para sa 76 taon na ngayon. »2,006» Septiyembre


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  • I possess a sea heart (large drift seed of the legume Entada gigas) picked up in the 1990's on Grand Cayman Island, that has 2-3 separate bite marks consistent with the tooth rows of the boto. This I deduced by comparing dentitions of dolphin skulls housed at the Florida Museum of Natural History. The seed evidently was carried north from a river/estuary in the Gulf Stream in South America and deposited on the beach to be found by a colleague of mine.

    February 20, 2010