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boy + -kin, diminutive suffix


  • I have a boykin "Lutsen" who is just over a year old and who is still in training as a gun dog and doing fairly well, although i'll admit that he has his weaknesses which are probably partially due to my slacking off since our baby arrived back in june or my inexperience.

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  • One of my dogs was a boykin who taught its self by just folowing me.

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  • My wife works from home and she has a bond with Chalie 6mounth old boykin.

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  • But as with my father's boykin I suspect your dog is smart enough to distinguish between playtime with your wife and going to work in the field with you.

    Who's Your Daddy?

  • My father's boykin loved to play games that would put any serious trainer into catatonic shock, but come hunting time he switched gears into a no-games bird dog.

    Who's Your Daddy?

  • Now my male Gus (curly coated boykin) everyone thinks is a damn poodle!

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  • Here's a sure fire way to train your boykin to stay right under your feet while on the boat.

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  • Again, my boykin can be rather stubborn and it seems when she has something in her mouth it acts as a stubborn multiplier.

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  • My six mounth old boykin, and I went to the pond this weekend.

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  • After wading through some shallow water chasing sticks I tossed in for her, I shot this photo of my boykin Abby.

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