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  • noun An abbreviation of bishop.

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  • initialism genetics base pair(s)


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  • April 24th, 2010 11: 37 am ET hey, sarah, remember the election last year - looks like a lot of people said "hell no" mainly because of you. how's that drill baby drill thing going in the gulf of mexico. glad bp is soooo "greeeeen". maybe you can eat some of the dead birds - oil soaked meat is sooo organic.

    In Eugene, Palin says she eats granola too

  • April 30th, 2010 5: 53 pm ET bp is the one slow to react. they should have had equipment ready to take to any rig in the gulf. was the blow out preventer checked befor it was put in place. i have seen them full of concrete that would not close. this is not Obamas fault any more than it is mine. when you are drilling in 5000 feet of water you had better get ready for any thing. the fault lays with bp and bp only. as for rush he needs to be run out of the country.

    Political fallout for Obama amid oil spill disaster?

  • When analog instead of digital tools were used I did indeed have a fever 99.3 and not 98.3 and my bp was the normal 132/84 instead of the nutty 152/74.

    Nick Mamatas' Journal

  • In the final alignments spanning a total of 2626 bp, we observed 65 segregating sites, corresponding to 1 SNP per ~40 bp, which is in concordance with previously published levels of exonic polymorphism in the genus

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles

  • The T-Bill yield increased from 12½ basis points to 13½ bp, which is the strongest for the week.

    Cara Community

  • The T-Bill yield increased from 12½ basis points to 13½ bp, which is the strongest for the week.

    Cara Community

  • The bp is a green company along with mobil exxon and marathon show was just as poor.


  • so I know I am basically health except high bp, which is being treated, other than that my cholesterol and other parameters are okay.

    A few fat-related links

  • Unless you (general you, not "bp" you) stop to think for two seconds and remember that someone can be rich and still be concerned about the welfare of the poor.

    Maureen Dowd Devotes Whole Column To Edwards' Hair

  • The oil spill is bp fault and the President is doing what he can to help.

    Is oil spill 'Obama's Katrina'?


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