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  • n. Any of several ichneumon flies of the family Braconidae, the larvae of which are parasitic on other insects.

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  • n. Any of several parasitic wasps of the family Braconidae.

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  • n. A member of the parasitic hymenopterous family Braconidæ (which see).


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From New Latin Braconidae, family name, possibly from Greek brakhus, short; see brachy-.


  • The tomato hornworm is a large green caterpillar that will do a lot of vine feeding, until a parasitic wasp named the braconid shows up and lays eggs to hatch and feed on the poor thing.

    Groundwork: More tomatoes

  • The braconid wasp that had stung it a few weeks earlier had no such qualms--each white puff on the caterpillar's back was a wasp pupating, slowly using up the energy of my tomato plants chewed up by the hornworm.

    Life, Christmas Eve, hornworms, and fishing

  • This time I am also hoping the caterpillars will escape the fate that befell their less fortunate kin last year, braconid wasps.

    Oh, frass!

  • Caterpillars are attacked by a braconid wasp Cotesia congregata that lays dozens of eggs within each larva =caterpillar...

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  • More important, the neem materials were compatible with the biological-control organisms (braconid wasps) used to control fruit dies.

    5 Effects on Insects

  • When infestations of scale insects in orchards are fought with DDT and dieldrin, chalcid and braconid wasps that parasitize scales are destroyed, and population outbreaks of scale result. 26 Another problem with synthetic chemical controls is that some can take a very long time to break down, remaining toxic for many years.

    5. How plants live and grow

  • · Beneficial predator insects like ladybugs feed on aphids, while others like the braconid wasp and tachnid fly lay eggs on or in certain pests which are killed by the developing larvae.

    Chapter 10

  • Frequently little yellow silken cocoons are found in vivaria where cabbage-worms are kept; these are cocoons of a parasite (braconid) that infests the worm.

    Ontario Teachers' Manuals: Nature Study

  • Those little white rice-looking protuberances on the caterpillar are the cocoons of small braconid wasps (

    Ugly Overload


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