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  • n. The state or quality of being breathy.
  • n. The result or product of being breathy.

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  • n. In a vocal or similar sound, the state, quality, or effect resulting from an escape of unvocalized air with the sound proper, as in clumsy vocalization, apprehension or terror, whispering, etc.: sometimes equivalent to wheeziness, which, however, is usually applied to mechanical sounds, as to a poor organ tone.


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From breathy +‎ -ness.


  • Her breathiness was a rumble amplified by the sound equipment.

    Cradle and All

  • I don't mind the music and the softer beats, but her vocals seem to be lifeless and she could cut out a little of the "breathiness".

    Home Theater Forum

  • She doesn't like the "breathiness" of her delivery.

    News & Observer: Home Page

  • She said in a Marilyn Monroe-like breathiness,“They say fifty is the new forty.”

    That's How It Went (rev)

  • “There are a range of other features such as hoarseness, roughness, breathiness of the voice, which have to do with the airflow over the vocal chords, and these all combine to make our voices distinctive.”

    Woman Unable To Recognise Voices Gives New Insights Into The Human Brain | Impact Lab

  • What would thereby be gained through such an alliterative onomatopoeia (in echo of the opening line's triplicate breathiness) would at the same time have to tally its losses in forfeiting the feathery overtone of "windy" in the given line's "wind, if."

    Phonemanography: Romantic to Victorian

  • The voice's tools are inflection, speed, volume, breathiness, rhythm, and a bunch of stuff I've forgotten.

    Thanks everyone

  • Who'd have thought that the band's gothic breathiness would work as sing-along anthems?

    Festival watch: Bestival

  • Personally, I don't go in for ultra-wispy breathiness (except from Blossom Dearie in one of her sly moods), but more than a few Europeans do, based on the success of her 2004 debut single, "Quelqu'un m'a dit."

    A quoi ça sert l'amour?

  • Often I am annoyed by KH's breathiness; but I watched this movie again when I was working on Uganda a few years ago--a smidge of it was filmed there--and she's nothing but great as Rose, the tight-laced missionary lady who relaxes into her hitherto undiscovered gifts for sex and sabotage.

    Someone Else's Favorite Women in Film


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