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  • v. Present participle of cleave.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. In agriculture, a method of plowing over old ridges or ‘lands,’ in which each ridge is divided in the middle, the furrow-slices being turned in opposite directions.


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  • So I went back to my empty dreams, to my phantasmagoria of illusions; but sometimes, like a sword cleaving a mist, through the high lands and the low lands and seas of my visions floated, like half-forgotten music, the sheen of dark eyes and shimmery hair.

    The Moon of Skulls

  • Then he was among the robbers, his sword cleaving left and right.

    Winter Warriors

  • She saw again the fluttering wings, and the iron sword cleaving down.

    Ironhand's Daughter

  • The first assassin was smashed to the ground as Parmenion leapt to his right, his sword cleaving through the second man's neck.

    Lion Of Macedon

  • Parmenion launched a sudden attack at the man on the right, then spun on his heel, his sword cleaving through the throat of the man on the left, as he darted in.

    Lion Of Macedon

  • It would not bear his weight, and the Red Minotaur fell to the arena floor, Caramon's sword cleaving cleanly through the bestial head.

    Time of the Twins

  • Again Conan leaped backward, his sword cleaving the air to discourage too close a pursuit.

    Conan the Valiant

  • Uther spun, his great sword cleaving the man's neck.

    Last Sword Of Power

  • He stumbled forward, sword cleaving Night in wild strokes.

    The Fire In His Hands

  • Then Ottar raised the standard and pointed it forward, and there rose a thundering cheer from our whole line as we charged and swept the Danes before us, spear and axe and sword cleaving their way unchecked.

    King Olaf's Kinsman A Story of the Last Saxon Struggle against the Danes in the Days of Ironside and Cnut


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