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from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. The electromagnetic radiation produced by a change in the velocity of an electrically charged subatomic particle, such as an electron, as when it collides with another object.

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  • n. the electromagnetic radiation produced by the acceleration of a charged particle, such as an electron, when it is deflected by another charged particle, such as an atomic nucleus


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

German : Bremse, brake (from Middle Low German premse, from pramen, to press) + Strahlung, radiation (from strahlen, to radiate, from Strahl, ray, from Middle High German strāle, from Old High German strāla, arrow, stripe.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

German Bremse, brake + Strahlung, radiation


  • And a quark star would give off a dim light (called bremsstrahlung emission), unlike a black hole, emitted by a thin layer of electrons on its surface.

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  • This sort of faster-than-light communication seems possible in LR, and LR would not violate the measured speed limits on light for things like radio waves and bremsstrahlung radiation.

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  • So an accelerating charged particle not only has electromagnetic radiation (like bremsstrahlung and radio waves) associated with it, but it has the basic electrostatic field surrounding it, and that field moves lock step instantaneously with the particle.

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  • The basement was crowded with wires, mismatched surplus Laboratory Capacitors from Bell Labs good thing Murph worked security there, it certainly helped with the “midnight requisitions”, a jumble of Magnatrons, Tesla single node vacuum tubes using bremsstrahlung effect waves focused through Geissler tubes to create a a vertical ionized channel that would open up a dimensional gateway to another possible alternate universe.

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  • Turning to more energetic collisions, he calculated with Heitler the bremsstrahlung emitted by relativistic electrons, and the production of electron pairs by high energy gamma rays.

    Hans Bethe - Biography

  • Other potential DT compounds like LiDT, LiB (DT) 4, have more electrons and the bremsstrahlung situation is even worse.

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  • They come off as bremsstrahlung from energetic electrons 1-100

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  • E 1.6: A high-energy electron hitting a dense medium generates additional electrons by two coupled processes, bremsstrahlung and production of electron-positron pairs.

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  • This gas emits X-rays in the form of bremsstrahlung

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  • Don't expect to see bremsstrahlung emissions any time soon, Kovacs says; observations will take years to make, because the best targets are so distant.

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  • No, braking radiation: bremsen "brake", as an electron might have to do passing near a nucleus.

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