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  • n. Any of various mostly epiphytic tropical American plants of the family Bromeliaceae, usually having long stiff leaves, colorful flowers, and showy bracts. Bromeliads include the pineapple, the Spanish moss, and numerous ornamentals.

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  • n. Any of various tropical or subtropical New World herbaceous plants in the family Bromeliaceae.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

From New Latin Bromelia, type genus, after Olaf Bromelius (1639-1705), Swedish botanist.

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From New Latin Bromeliaceae.


  • Half a dozen gray-and-white Bolivian squirrel monkeys scamper from branch to branch in a strangler fig, then leap to a nearby bromeliad.

    Take Me to the River

  • Scads of petunias, lobelia, fancy begonias and geraniums, sweet potato vines, even a bromeliad.

    Garden Goddess for Hire

  • This is not a true moss at all, but rather a bromeliad, Tillandsia usneiodes, that favors these branches from which to view the world.

    Cherry Mash-Mish Monday « Fairegarden

  • Today, when my grandson and I went to see “Aunt Ashley” at the grocery store, where she is a flower designer, there was a woman who was very excited about a reddish colored orchid she bought that was growing in a pot with a similar colored blooming bromeliad.

    Blooms? In January? « Fairegarden

  • (Island of the Herons) A thousand types of bromeliad (tropical plants) chose the shores of Laguna Catemaco for their home.

    Laguna Catemaco, Veracruz

  • A lost breeze blew, rifBing leaf tips on the bromeliad.


  • Three arms supported it in a semistanding pose on the outer edge of the bromeliad.


  • Born's view of the big epiphytic bromeliad several meters down the vine was unobstructed.


  • Born walked back past the heavily laden Ruumahum and stopped at the brim of the bromeliad which had attracted such excellent prey.


  • Concentrating on the bromeliad, he strove to reach out and become one with the plant.



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