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  • noun An animal of the genus Brontatherium.


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  • (And in North American megafauna, a fantasy art image of an arctic war brontothere) I want one.

    there's more dark meat on a hamster

  • The Age of Mammals uses a mounted saber-toothed cat, a giant jaguar, a brontothere or thunder beast that resembles a dinosaur more than a mammal to help tell its evolution story. Top News Headlines

  • The dead brontothere shown would have been about the size of a modern rhinoceros.


  • The team used an analysis of carbon and oxygen isotopes extracted from the fossil teeth of three varieties of mammals from Ellesmere Island -- a hippo-like, semi-aquatic creature known as Coryphodon, a second, smaller ancestor of today's tapirs and a third rhino-like mammal known as brontothere.

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  • Brontohere.

    November 11, 2008