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  • He was so aged, his browridge had collapsed over his eyes and he propped it up with a Y-shaped stick.

    The Sea of Trolls

  • Eyes the color of rotten walnuts brooded under a browridge that resembled a fungus growing out of tree bark.

    The Sea of Trolls

  • Scholars have remarked on the unusualness of the cranium, citing a mix of H. erectus traits, such as a thick cranial bone and a pronounced browridge, and features commonly observed in more recent humans, such as a high forehead, and rounded braincase.

    Case of the Curious Cranium

  • According to Abbate and his team, the skull's long ovoid braincase, wide cheekbones, and massive browridge resemble African H. erectus and H. ergaster.

    New Skull from Eritrea

  • The 50,000-year-old skull of a Neanderthal from the site of Shanidar in Iran (top) has a prominent browridge and more projecting face than the 40,000-year-old Homo sapiens skull found at Pestera cu Oase in Romania.


  • But in the Poloyo skullcap, even though its cranial capacity is similar to the smaller of the H. erectus specimens from Sangiran, there are also features commonly associated with the much larger brained, geologically younger Ngandong specimens including the very broad frontal (forehead) formerly attributed to expansion in brain size, details of the browridge, and relationships between muscular attachments on the temperal bone, and details of the occipital torus on the back of the vault.

    Case of the Curious Cranium

  • A young troll can’t have his browridge tattooed until he brings down his first human.

    The Sea of Trolls


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  • "Prominence of the frontal area immediately above the orbits and nasal root, and, on the living, underlying the eyebrows."

    - SNPA

    March 21, 2009