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  • n. Plural form of brow.


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  • The thin brows met over his arched nose, and the eyes glinted a little, while she caught a glimpse of cruel white teeth closing on a sensual under-lip.

    The Black Moth: A Romance of the XVIII Century

  • But they're called brows, they'll go down, and then you'll see the first kiss folks will go off.

    CNN Transcript May 6, 2003

  • Her brows were a bit darker, arching delicately over the wide eyes, eyes that stared at him with surprising directness, without a trace of condemnation for his ugly words.

    Tempted by Your Touch

  • But between his brows was a headache, between his shoulders tight muscles, and his arm once more hurt from holding on too hard to his sister.

    And Other Tales Of Valdemar

  • Marvelously fashioned of bronze, the face, with bared serpent fangs, bent down as though to strike: and set in a strangely fashioned diadem above the brows was a gigantic diamond, as large as a man's head, and of such blinding luster that it was impossible to look closely at it as well try to gaze full at the midday sun.

    A Rip Van Winkle Of The Kalahari Seven Tales of South-West Africa

  • Her lips were full and her chin round, but she looked full her age, and between the brows was a line that I would call the Doctor's sign-manual.

    The Ladies A Shining Constellation of Wit and Beauty

  • Colorless as were his cheeks and lips, nevertheless he did not seem a pale boy, this because his brows were a misty yellow-white, and his thick lashes flaxen; while his eyes were an indescribable mixture of glowing gray and blue plentifully flecked with yellow.

    The Rich Little Poor Boy

  • Her hair was down; about her brows was a black band that might have been ebony or velvet; into it was thrust a large white flower.

    Daughter of the Sun A Tale of Adventure

  • Perhaps her brows were a little bit flatter, and her nose was a little bit shorter and wider, than ours; but still she was pretty, especially when she smiled, for she had beautiful white teeth.

    Fil and Filippa Story of Child Life in the Philippines

  • The brows are another thing I truly love about it, they aren't too thin, and aren't too thick … they are perfectly waxed … something I have come to appreciate.

    World of SL


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