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  • n. Plural form of endow.


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  • In his scientific epic poem, The Botanical Garden (1791), Darwin endows plants with lustful human attributes, and in The Temple of Nature (1803) he offers a theory of evolution that foreshadows that of his grandson, Charles Darwin, in seeking to demonstrate the affiliation of all living things in a family tree reaching back to the primordial slime.


  • Given that the Canopic jars of Egyptians hold the vital organs of the deceased should they be of use in the afterlife, the title seemingly endows the claw with the function of extracting the metal insides of the deceased Chrysler Imperial god.

    G. Roger Denson: From Detroit, Egypt: Matthew Barney Resurrects an American God

  • The least obvious answer: The man on the airplane was a female-to-male transsexual who, like a lot of forward-thinking FTMs, declined to get an expensive phalloplasty during his transition and the pretty much nonfunctional penis a phalloplasty "endows" an FTM with.

    News on Anchorage Press

  • This endows even the most abstract or esoteric learning students are assigned to undertake with practical usefulness.

    Idit Harel Caperton: Memo to Mayor Bloomberg: Let Them Make Games!

  • The pivotal figure, in this respect, is Diana, whom Katherine Parkinson superbly endows with a quality of slowly erupting despair that reminded me of her memorable Masha in a Royal Court Seagull.

    Absent Friends - review

  • In a few deft strokes, Mr. Ball endows William and Molly with a sweetness and decency that make their fate at the hands of the shadowy government a suspenseful and emotional experience for the reader.

    Tender and Tense

  • Traditional teaching affirms the existence of Powers and endows them with some of their specific characteristics; but their effective relationship with men at particular times, in the direct encounters which make them so much more vividly present to the Dinka than they can be to ourselves, are matters to be discovered… by divining and questioning.2

    In the Valley of the Shadow

  • The answer comes in the questioning by Gerard Elias, counsel to the inquiry, whom Thomas Wheatley endows with a quiet, dignified persistence.

    Tactical Questioning - review

  • We see her confident delight in Des Grieux's adoration, her wide-eyed disbelief at the furs and jewels with which GM endows her, her almost instant suppression of her qualms at his reptilian lust, and her purringly sensuous acceptance of the attentions of the "gentlemen" at the soirée among whom a sneeringly disdainful Jonathan Watkins is a memorable presence.

    Manon – review

  • The unsettling thing about this ballet is that it endows us with the same viewpoint.

    Manon – review


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