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  • v. Present participle of buff.
  • n. That which is buffed.

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  • n. The operation of diminishing the thickness of a hide by means of a curriers' knife or a splitting-machine, for the purpose of increasing the suppleness of the leather; hence, the layer so shaved off; the amount of lessening effected.


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  • Well, he looked good - his six months of hitting the gym have paid off in buffing him out, but then he took the thrill away when he opened his mouth.

    Troy? Oy!

  • *Polishing a scene that wasn’t working to begin with is commonly known as buffing a turd.

    Buffing Animation to a High Sheen

  • It's also interesting that one third of the article is dedicated to the news that the implementation is delayed, while two thirds of it is given up to what might be best described as buffing the legacy of this idea.


  • This can lead to humorous variations, such as buffing someone with Underwater Breathing in the middle of the Barrens.


  • Tensions are high between aerosol artists and the Taskforce Against Graffiti, with accusations of scare tactics and the "buffing" of commissioned murals. | Top Stories

  • It's supposed to be an anodized and any kind of buffing could scratch it off.

    Discussions: Message List - root

  • He said the Tarboro location would be mainly for the nontechnical jobs, such as buffing, cleaning and re-boxing the modems.

    Rocky Mount Telegram - Business

  • Practicing physicians understand this problem, but if we reward measured performance (either through incentive payments or lack of penalties) then many physicians will focus on "buffing" the chart rather than caring for the patient.

    DB's Medical Rants

  • a blindfolded player tries to catch other players who are "buffing" (buffeting; i.e., ` playfully harassing ') him. dibs Dibs, short for dibstones, were animal knucklebones

    VERBATIM: The Language Quarterly Vol XIII No 2

  • Ben and Jili discussed with Kate the fact that it was submissive and degrading to women, though after she left the room, Ben told Jili he had to tip his cap to the guy who started the fad by talking his girl into turning around and buffing his belt buckle.

    Parents Behaving Badly


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  • "to buff is to remove graffiti"

    March 4, 2009