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  • n. a machine that bundles
  • n. One who bundles software, etc. with another product.


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bundle +‎ -er


  • Curious how these groups want to know about any McCain bundler of $100,000 or more, and yet their threshold on Obama bundler questioning is only $50,000. —

    Watchdogs Ask: What About the Bundlers? - The Caucus Blog -

  • UBS Americas CEO Robert Wolf, the president's top New York City "bundler" -- a contributor who raises hundreds of thousands of dollars -- golfed with him at Martha's Vineyard vacation in August.

    Political Punch

  • (l-r) McCain bundler Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, and Obama bundler Anna Wintour, editor of Vogue magazine, are two prominent female campaign fundraisers.

    In presidential fundraising ranks, a gender gap is showing

  • The measure of the bundler is the ability to bring in money, they say, now that campaigns and media alike use quarterly fund-raising results as a yardstick of success.

    Donor Bundling Emerges

  • In the second quarter the Obama campaign and the Democratic National Committee raised $86 million and $1 out of $8 of that came from a so-called bundler connected to the finance, insurance and real estate industry. News

  • A bundler is a person who collects political donations from others and then directs the funds to one candidate.


  • McCain uses 'bundler' money more than Obama campaign

    McCain uses 'bundler' money more than Obama campaign

  • McCain uses 'bundler' money more than Obama campaign - USATODAY. com

    McCain uses 'bundler' money more than Obama campaign

  • For now, answers for some of the questions: the ad itself is here, a definition of "bundler" can be found here, and, yes, when ANYONE says that Candidate X has gotten money from Company D, they are referring to people who made donations who happen to work at Company D OR to monies given to a candidate from a corporation's PAC.

    The Contributor Gotcha Game - Swampland -

  • As with any bundle of campaign contributions, it's difficult to determine which donor was the "bundler," the person who solicited the contributions on the campaign's behalf.

    McCain Cuts Ad Attacking Obama That's Geared To ... West Virginia?


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