from the GNU version of the Collaborative International Dictionary of English.

  • adjective uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm.
  • adjective bubbling; -- of sounds, especially of water.

from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License.

  • noun A burble, the sounds of a burble.
  • verb Present participle of burble.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • adjective uttered with unrestrained enthusiasm


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  • Heck, I didn't know "burbling" was a real word until I noticed my spell checker wasn't underlining it.

    Paul Dailing: Fish Burbling: How Crazy New Media Terms are Changing the Future of Everything

  • Visually you can picture this as some kind of burbling pot where the foam that rises brings the violent ones to the surface and the more moderate ones remain at the bottom of the pot and receive whatever misfortunes trickle down from the bomb throwing ones who flourish at the top of the pot.

    When Is a Shoah not a Shoah?

  • As we walk, I dangle the book over the side of the bridge, and let it drop into the thick burbling brown goop of the river, which will certainly dissolve it before we even get home.

    Angry Young Man

  • There's a genuine satirical richness to these portrayals; they do go beyond simple impressions of the old school -- you know, Jimmy Cagney saying "you're the guy who shot my sister" and Cary Grant burbling "Judy Judy Judy" and so on.

    Tom Shales reviews tonight's retrospecial,'The Women of "Saturday Night Live"'

  • The media was burbling with excited speculation that the race had fundamentally changed and was now hurtling toward the destination that reporters, wherever their personal political sympathies lay, longed for it to reach: the State of Too Close to Call, the City of Dead Heat, the Valley of Sudden Death.

    O: A Presidential Novel

  • I heard friends burbling with unabashed, redole(sc)ent joy at seeing the first Pulp comeback show at Spain's Primavera festival in May (which I was meant to have attended), and then witnessed it myself in London in July - the band absolutely owning the stage, the audience and the venue (it's surely no surprise their 1998 live DVD, also filmed in London, was titled The Park Is Mine) at Wireless.

    Charlie Ivens: Where now for Resurrected Left-Pop Iconoclasts Pulp?

  • Is the entertainment value of a kid sobering up after anesthesia or a baby burbling at random pieces of paper worth the costs of objectifying them for public consumption, however diverting, enlightening or cathartic?

    'The Kids Grow Up' turns the lens on home videos and the right to privacy

  • And so he lay there, tasting the blood that trickled out the corners of his mouth like a slow burbling spring, convinced that his back was broken.

    Jay Kirk: Museum Of Natural History And Carl Akeley's Jounrey To Build Its African Wing

  • Asked if being surrounded by burbling babies made him feel “broody,” Wills winced.

    William and Kate

  • It's a rather smug Guardian piece; I winced at Harris's errors ( "Republican" instead of "Nationalist", mispronouncing "Bangor", misspelling Ian Parsley's name) and a lot of it is him burbling to the camera or to the locals rather than actually getting their views.

    April Books 1) The Emperor's Babe, by Bernardine Evaristo


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