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  • transitive v. To make into a bureaucracy or bring under bureaucratic control: "The failure of communication is built—or . . . bureaucratized—into the legal system” ( Anatole Broyard).

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  • v. To bring something under the control of a bureaucracy; to make bureaucratic.


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From bureaucrat(ic) +‎ -ize.


  • Shortly after Hayes' story was published, the Department of Defense issued a terse statement saying, in the kind of bureaucratize in which the DOD specializes, pay no attention to this.

    Peace, order and good government, eh?: June 2004 Archives

  • Before a new rule could be instituted, it had to be justified with a cost-benefit analysis, making it more challenging for bureaucrats to bureaucratize.

    You Know I’m Right

  • Republican lawmakers say such measures would bureaucratize the nation's health system and stifle job creation.

    Republicans Offer Health-Care Plan

  • We have tried to bureaucratize charity, and failed miserably.

    Monumental Callousness

  • Instead of revealing the hard facts of criminal trials, managers and officials within the criminal justice system are often inclined to rent-seek, collude, and bureaucratize.

    Roger Koppl - The Austrian Economists

  • As government spending, even under Republican rule, grows faster than ever before; as new plans to further bureaucratize American health care arise; as the benefits of free trade and free movement of capital and labor are under continued assault -- Rand's consistent, passionate and even heroic defense of American freedom is sorely needed.

    Rand and the Right

  • He simply can't abide their efforts to modernize and bureaucratize the precincts of Hell.

    The Elegant Variation:

  • I think what the people who've been here for many years said was that they liked the fact that we were moving back toward a more informal summit process where we focused on one or two big issues, where we tried to get one or two things done, and we didn't overly bureaucratize it.

    Presidents Press Conference With P M Of Canada Japan

  • Mr. Cadman was critical of a provision requiring protesters to develop traffic management plans, which he said would "bureaucratize the process for everyone who wants to express themselves freely on our streets."

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • This seems rather abstruse-the basic rule for people-power movements is, Organize first, bureaucratize later - and it would be easy to dismiss these young people as hopelessly naive but for two factors. Top Stories


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