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  • n. Plural form of burrower.


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  • At first, the invading white men think it is Indians that have dragged off their people, and when they here the term "burrowers," they just think it is another Indian tribe they have not heard of before.


  • At the risk of sounding like a conspiracy loon, I must confess that whenever I hear about leaks -- particularly in DOD - and Defense-related matters -- I immediately think, with great unease, of the inevitable contingent of "burrowers" left behind by the Bush-Cheney Administration.


  • Meanwhile, high-ranking Democrats have viewed GOP "burrowers" with suspicion.

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  • 'burrowers' to carry out a big false flag (Vancouver?) to serve as a distraction for this nugget.


  • They are specialised burrowers that spend their days hidden under the sand beneath the sea's surface, breathing and feeding by means of a narrow mucus-coated tube.

    Country diary: Eriskay

  • They had food and water to last several weeks, so the burrowers would have come up for air laden with gold to spend on nothing from shops that had been blasted away and a population that had been vaporised.

    From Hitler to Gaddafi: dictators and their bunkers

  • In fact, I suspect the lists of burrowers have already been made and distributed to the people who need to have them.

    Matthew Yglesias » On Burrowing

  • Most burrowers -- 117 -- followed "fair and open competition" rules, GAO said.

    GAO: Some 'burrowing' during Bush Years

  • Four of its field projects focus on hard-to-see sea life such as microbes, zooplankton and burrowers in the sea bed.

    Tally of marine life reveals a bounty of creatures beneath the surface

  • The worldwide Census of Marine Life has four field projects focusing on hard-to-see sea life such as tiny microbes, zooplankton, larvae and burrowers in the sea bed.

    Census Of Marine Life Tries To Account For Thousands Of Microscopic Sea Creatures


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  • Neither a burrower nor a lander bee.

    April 14, 2016

  • Any long-eared burrowers around here?

    April 14, 2016