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  • n. Any of three gaseous isomeric ethylene hydrocarbons, C4H8, used principally in making synthetic rubbers.

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  • n. Any of three isomeric aliphatic alkenes containing four carbon atoms and one double bond; their polymers are used as synthetic rubber.

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  • n. Any one of three metameric hydrocarbons, C4H8, of the ethylene series. They are gaseous or easily liquefiable; -- called also butene.
  • n. the hypothetical divalent radical -(CH2)4-; -- used in combining forms.

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  • n. A hydrocarbon (C4H8) belonging to the olefine series. It exists in three isomeric forms, all of which are gases at ordinary temperatures.

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  • n. any of three isomeric hydrocarbons C4H8; all used in making synthetic rubbers


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  • Notably, it is easily converted into a commodity chemical called butylene, which has four carbon atoms and is in relatively short supply right now.

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  • Other figures in masks and butylene suits were gathered at the base of the structure to inspect isolated material for toxic content.


  • Petrochemicals are products derived from crude oil refining, such as ethylene, propylene, butylene, and isobutylene, that are primarily intended for use as chemical feedstocks in the production of plastics, synthetic fibers, synthetic rubbers, and other products.

    Petroleum refining

  • Moose declined to name the manufacturer but said the beads contained an adhesive solvent called "1,4 butylene glycol," which can simulate the so-called date-rape drug gamma hydroxy butyrate when ingested, causing seizures, coma or death.

    U.S. Orders New China Toy Recall

  • Beads from the toy contained an adhesive solvent called "1,4 butylene glycol," which can simulate the drug gamma hydroxyl butyrate when ingested, causing seizures, coma or death, said the toy's Australian manufacturer, Moose Enterprise.

    Enel's Energy Play in Russia

  • This high-quality gasoline component is made by combining isobutane and propylene or butylene.

    Essential Guide to Business Style and Usage

  • Isobutanol is easily converted to butylene, according to Patrick Gruber, the company's chief executive.

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  • That works fine, but using natural gas and related chemicals turns out a different mix of materials than using petroleum does; one of the chemicals that does not get produced in abundance is butylene.

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  • This year-over-year improvement can be attributed to higher margins coming from Canadian butylene/butane mix product as well as improved per-unit margins on Geismar ethylene.

  • Higher Canadian NGL margins from butylene/butane mix products helped drive the improvement in the third-quarter and year-to-date results.


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