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  • n. An obsolete form of bicker.


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  • De wun hu wares de byker levverz adn iz tuff az nayles, hu gibs me ruffly-furs dat feel soooo gud wit a laff dat mayks de crowz cawz

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  • Ai sedded taht fings R gud, n dat wii habbing a gud skankal, wif top-sekrit documints adn sex adn a byker gang!

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  • Why once at a byker rally I had Cindy rub herself with burgers while the bykers licked her, I was really excited by all the greasy, burgers, but the onions and dill pickle is what really got me going …. ooops, speaking of going, I just went …. diaper change isle Johnny.


  • Tho some right tosser at work seems to think byker grove was in liverpool. lol haha What a tw @ t ......

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