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  • n. In the Philippine Islands, a chief.


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  • Clavo pequeño sin cabeza, que se queda embutido totalmente en la pieza que asegura.


  • That makes sense, as barbacoa de cabeza is a traditional Sunday Mexican dish.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • Yesterday at the tianguis the fishmonger was selling unos camaronzotes bien grandototes -- y sin cabeza, no más (some great big shrimp -- and headless, no less).

    Diminutives - Baby talk?

  • He came around the corner to wait for my answer, and just shook his head, mumbling something about "esta mujer", and "cabeza como piedra."

    Developing An Ear for Spanish

  • Presentaba dos impactos de bala uno en el pecho y el otro en la cabeza y también pegada en la espalda traía una cartulina con la leyenda: “Rufo somos la resistencia contra ti y los Z”.

    Patzcuaro news

  • The logic here is enough to make your cabeza spin.

    Jim David: It's a Great Day to Be White in Arizona!

  • It's probably tough on people like Livo, who's got a grande cabeza.

    The Silver Elvis Wig: a brief history

  • One points to him and tells his co-worker: "Loco en la cabeza."

    Clown's anti-bullying effort rings true, but what's with the giant rodeo barrel?

  • In the few years since I began to consider food a hobby, I've gorged on bull testicles (less prairie oyster than prairie calamari, and not especially noteworthy); kokoretsi (Greek for "intestines wrapped in innards"); beef tacos lengua (tongue) and cabeza (cheeks, lips); beef tripe; calf liver in abundance; lamb kidneys; pig ears and tails; roasted beef marrow bones; chicken gizzards; alligator; minnows; &c. &c.

    Stefan Beck: The Most Disappointing Game: A Muskrat Ramble in Smyrna, Delaware (PHOTOS)

  • The conventional wisdom in Washington runs something like this: Hispanic Americans would be insulted by the installation of troops on the border, and the Mexican politicos would go loco en la cabeza.

    Blood Sugar


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