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  • n. Meat from a young goat; kid.


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From Spanish


  • Years ago when we first began researching Mexico it seemed that Saltillo would be an ideal place for retirement for several reasons: close enough to get back to Texas if we needed to, wonderful climate, modern features, interesting cultural activities, restaurants specializing in cabrito, excellent schools and universities.


  • A cabrito is a "young goat" in Spanish, and the monster under the bridge in this tale is a chupacabra, a legendary "goat sucker" or vampire monster first reported in Puerto Rico.

    Archive 2007-08-01

  • On the weekends, customers are treated with special items such as cabrito, menudo and barbacoa. (Orange, Texas) Homepage

  • The flowers in the church were worth the trip, but the fresh homemade carnitas and cabrito with mole were incredible.

    Annual San Fransico de Asis Festival. Oct/4/2009-Oct/8/2009

  • I love cabrito, so I was very happy that Adriana agreed to cook for me.

    Cabrito, a new cooking adventure with Adriana

  • So far we have canned beef, chicken breasts, lamb, mutton, and cabrito.

    Alb�ndigas Soup

  • I had this sort of 'sauce' when I went 'across' one year and had cabrito in Laredo.

    Guacamole, my way | Homesick Texan

  • In Latin American markets, the term for young goat is "cabrito."

    Get Your Goat On

  • Well, our adult children in Del Rio begged us for either a cabrito or borrego for Christmas dinner.

    Borrego for Christmas

  • On the Mexican side, you may find barbecued cabrito (baby goat) or a dish made with mole, although perhaps a mole Americanized to a point midway between the enigmatic, exotic original and a melted Hershey bar.

    Selena Country


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  • is the Spanish word for goat meat. Cabrito is lean meat, heart healthy, similar in taste to venison and appears in many Mexican dishes.

    July 16, 2009

  • A cabrito is a young goat.

    A cabrito es a typical dish in certain parts of mexico. It can bee cooked many ways. One of the most typical ones is roasted cabrito.

    July 5, 2009