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  • adj. Variant of cesarean.

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  • adj. relating to abdominal delivery
  • n. the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)
  • adj. of or relating to or in the manner of Julius Caesar


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  • Other risk factors might be at play, such as vitamin D deficiency, parental age, closely-spaced births, caesarian births or even the stress of everyday life.

    David Kirby: Why The Vaccine-Autism Issue Won't Go Away

  • Our doctor has scheduled July 9th for Liz to have a caesarian section to deliver the twins.

    The Twins

  • After a final three hours of hard pushing, the doctors declared that the baby was showing signs of distress, and that a caesarian section was the only remaining option.

    Support Catholic Artists by Your Commissions

  • Indeed, "spontaneous" births rose 3.6% on Valentine's Day, compared with other days in the two-week window, while caesarian deliveries rose 12.1% and induced births 3.4%.

    Week in Ideas: Christopher Shea

  • It's rather out of fashion now, but I believe that my late partner was administered some form of it when an emergency caesarian had to be performed without prior anaesthesia.

    Archive 2009-03-01

  • It could cover things like whether you get a stent or a bypass, whether your OB/GYN does a caesarian section, whether the president sees that end-of-life counseling made a mandatory part of health care.

    Not So Fast

  •        Tippy, his fantasy mistress from high school, had actually gotten married two or three times, he heard later, but in high school, the fantasy was first, that she might be big enough for him — a stroke of luck there — but also he imagined himself married to a little woman who received his seed by caesarian.

    Cheryl: Comp

  • The reasons for these increased rates are often attributed to hospitals seeing caesarian births as a more controlled, efficient approach as well as having less insurance liability than a vaginal birth.

    Dana H. Glazer: My Experience With a Doula During Childbirth

  • If not for Sabine, Deborah would easily have had a caesarian birth as were 32 percent of births in this country in 2007 - up 53 percent from 1996.

    Dana H. Glazer: My Experience With a Doula During Childbirth

  • As a dad, I find the statistics about caesarian births in our country to be problematic and I feel very grateful that a doula like Sabine was present in both of our son's births.

    Dana H. Glazer: My Experience With a Doula During Childbirth


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