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  • n. a lounge lizard This usage of the term dates from the 1920s, when it vied in popularity with 'sheik' to indicate a slick young Romeo who wows the flappers and likes the high life. A Cake-Eater, when he's not trolling for jazz-babies at the local speakeasy, likes to loiter at a girl's house and be pampered, especially by being served his sweetie's baked goods-- and of course some degree of sexual metaphor might be inferred.
  • n. someone of upper-class background, or who has been excessively well-off


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From the 1922 song "I'm a Cake Eating Man": "I'm a cake-eating man,/ Eat my cake where I can;/ I like a dapper flapper that shows a naughty knee,/ Who dances naughty jazz and shakes a naughty lingerie./ I'm there with my shoepolish hair,/ For I'm a mama-loving, cookie-chewing cake-eating man." Also abbreviated as 'Caker'. Technically, the Cake-Eater was the natural mate to the Flapper, as the Sheik had his Sheba, though one can assume that there was a good deal of mixing amongst this amorous aggregation of 'flaming youth'.



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  • a harmless lounge lizard

    October 8, 2010

  • This is a common term in Western, PA. It applies to the "white bread" group of folks. For instance, my Father, who is Dutch/Scotch, is a cake-eater. My Mother, who is Syrian/Serbian, is not.

    September 11, 2009