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  • n. The edible spinachlike leaves of the dasheen.
  • n. A soup or stew made of these leaves or other greens, okra, crabmeat, and seasonings.

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  • n. Any of various tropical plants grown in the Americas, especially of the genus Xanthosoma, cultivated for their edible leaves.
  • n. A spicy soup or stew made from such leaves.


American Spanish calulú, plant of genus Xanthosoma whose leaves are used as greens, perhaps from Tupi caárurú, thick leaf.
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
From American Spanish calalú. (Wiktionary)


  • On a sultry February afternoon, far from Chicago, I savored a silky, warm soup called callaloo made with the Caribbean green also known as callaloo.


  • Fish wrapped in banana leaves, dried beans, lots of soups, rice, a native green called callaloo, rum, and a devastating moonshine concocted from fermented corn and sugarcane juice, which Fry gives a recipe for.


  • Among the offerings at Basil's Bar is soup made from a local leaf vegetable called callaloo, as well as a curried conch dish (www.; 784 / 488-8350; dinner entrees $30 and up). Breaking News

  • He acknowledges using mostly American meat on his Cayman menu, but he is in dialogues with local farmers for produce such as callaloo, a leafy vegetable, which he serves with a grilled pork chop for 29 Cayman Islands dollars $35.

    The Globe and Mail - Home RSS feed

  • "I've prepared grilled parrot fish, roasted breadfruit dumplings and callaloo," she tells me.

    In search of Errol Flynn's Jamaica

  • They dined on lobster tails and callaloo and sampled several of the Caribbean-style alcoholic beverages.

    Larger Than Lyfe

  • While it may be a challenge to package up delights prepared by local Montego Bay vendors -- think fresh callaloo and deliciously doughy festival, authentic spices and tasty marinades are easy to find.

    Chie Davis: Caribbean Holiday Travel-Do's & Don'ts for Female Travelers

  • She cannot have rice and peas, curry goat with roti, a little plantains and callaloo to put some meat on her bones?

    Surrender the Dark

  • His breakfast in Jamaica includes fruit and a dish consisting of poached eggs with callaloo, a leafy Caribbean green.

    Hitmaker Finds It's Never Too Late to Make Waves

  • Or order the ackee and saltfish, served with festivals (fried bread) and callaloo ($16), or because it's the season, the curry lobster roll ($18).

    Taste of the Caribbean


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  • ~A soup or stew made with greens, onions, and crabmeat or pork

    ~The edible young green leaves of taro (dasheen, common to Trinidad and Tobago

    ~Caribbean Callaloo Stew

    ~Caribbean English, perhaps ultimately of African origin; akin to Caribbean Spanish: calalú, callaloo (greens and dish), Brazilian Portuguese: carurú, Haitian Creole: kalalou, okra

    January 19, 2009