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  • n. Plural form of callosity.


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  • The callosities are the points on which it kneels down to receive its burden.

    Quadrupeds, What They Are and Where Found A Book of Zoology for Boys

  • Look at the flat, narrow haunch bones -- the long and narrow passage -- the coarse, outwardly curved, ischiatic prominences on which the Gibbon habitually rests, and which are coated by the so-called "callosities," dense patches of skin, wholly absent in the Gorilla, in the Chimpanzee, and in the Orang, as in Man!

    Lectures and Essays

  • A quiet twin-engine, slow-flying aircraft is used to photograph the whales, which can be individually identified by the white markings or "callosities" on their heads and tracked.


  • These "callosities" are as individual as fingerprints. News of the Underwater World

  • 'callosities', as they are perfectly soft, smooth, and flexible.

    Lectures and Essays

  • Mr. Wallace [23] observes, "It is known by its large size, and by the lateral expansion of the face into fatty protuberances, or ridges, over the temporal muscles, which has been mis-termed 'callosities', as they are perfectly soft, smooth, and flexible.

    Evidence as to Man's Place in Nature

  • Still, considering all the talk about Holder and Obama and so forth being thin-skinned, on the hypocrisy charge they seem to have developed substantial callosities.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Why Has Holder Decided to Try Khalid Sheikh Mohammed in a Civilian Court?

  • They somewhat resemble Guanaco Lama guanicoe but are smaller and lack callosities on the medial sides of the forelimbs (if I remember correctly).

    Archive 2006-05-01

  • Afflictions induce callosities; miseries are slippery, or fall like snow upon us, which notwithstanding is no unhappy stupidity.

    Hydriotaphia, or Urn-burial

  • If animals were discovered having the general characters of the horse, but sometimes with callosities only on the fore-legs, and more or less tufted tails; or animals having the general characters of the ass, but with more or less bushy tails, and sometimes with callosities on both pairs of legs, besides being intermediate in other respects — the two species would have to be merged into one.



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  • Also used to describe the raised skin on Right Whales that appears white/yellow due to whale lice. Marine scientists use the callosities to identify different whales for tracking and observational studies.

    June 17, 2008