from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • n. A farmer or farm worker in a Latin-American country.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Spanish, from campo, field, from Latin campus.


  • So how is it that after a peasant revolution in 1952 and more then fifty years of agrarian reform, today the average campesino from the west or center of the country has less land then they started with?

    Self-erasing Bolivia

  • The blame for the eviction of 350 "campesino" families from the 14 acre subsistence South Central Farm in Los Angeles on June 13, 2006 can be pointed towards a number of corrupt Los Angeles politicians, but one stands above all others.

    Mayor Sam's Hotsheet for Tuesday

  • Although several of them, came from campesino roots.

    Chamula Power

  • On an anecdotal level, some campesino neighbors of mine had put about 30,000 pesos in a bank account, but had major problems withdrawing it because of a problem with the account holder's fingerprints -- they would not scan, and therefore she could not access her money at this particular bank.

    Trust of banks and money in Mexico

  • But it was put to me by Fermin, an earnest campesino who was in the capital to study political science.

    Eight surprises from a senior year abroad in Oaxaca, Mexico

  • Recovering, disguised as a campesino, Frank limped into Mexico City to see his family; but leaving the city to return to the war, he was captured by Carranza's troops and taken before a firing squad.

    Drums in the Hills by Frank O. Dolezal and Kathryn Dolezal Tyler

  • I don't mean to slip into pastoral nostalgia or downplay the suffering of the rural poor, but I believe that the life of a campesino is, as one of our subjects put it, "a life that's very good and very bad."

    Robin Blotnick: WATCH: Cacao Growers Take Control Over Their Community's Fate

  • Even in places where agricultural production has been industrialized to the point of overshadowing any importance a milpa might have had before, the campesino continues to work his plot of land, however small, following the cycle of tilling, sowing and harvesting that his forefathers did.

    Corn, beans and squash: the life cycle of the milpa

  • All three trade union federations, the leading human rights organization, women's groups, organizations of indigenous and African-descent peoples, the gay and lesbian movement, and the campesino movement -- united in the National Front Against the Coup d'Etat -- have denounced the election as fraudulent.

    No Fair Election In Honduras Under Military Occupation

  • Food and Agriculture Service, at a conference held by local environmental, human rights and campesino groups to lay out their arguments for government leaders.

    Tracy L. Barnett: Paraguay Takes Hard Line on GMOs


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