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  • n. Plural form of captor.


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  • He had irritated his captors from the beginning, partly because of his disregard for their outward show of Islamic piety.

    Jihadists in Paradise

  • Andrew Jaspan is editor-in-chief of The Age, Australia's most Left-wing daily newspaper, and on ABC radio on Wednesday said how "boorish" and "coarse" Wood was at his press conference this week when he called his captors "a---holes".

    Daimnation!: Insufficiently grateful to his captors

  • Miela spoke without fear of our captors understanding the English words.

    The Fire People

  • At no point are you offered the protection of the Geneva Conventions (to which your captors are a signatory), which were designed to prevent the "humiliating and degrading treatment" of prisoners seized during wartime, and also to prevent their interrogation (prisoners may be questioned, but any form of "physical or mental coercion" is prohibited).

    Andy Worthington: Guantanamo: Government Says Six Years Is Not Long Enough To Prepare Evidence

  • As a purely descriptive matter, then, McCain's slur against his captors is a lesser offense against racial etiquette.

    It's the Economy? Stupid?

  • One of her captors is the father of that 3-year-old.

    CNN Transcript Jan 4, 2008

  • In her narrative of captivity among the Indians during King Philip's War, Mary Rowlandson frequently employs Puritan demonizing rhetoric, calling her captors infidels, hell-hounds, and savages.

    History of American Women

  • The hostages that I have talked to, the one that seemed to be able to pick up and understand the most for what was going on with his captors was the one who could see some Arabic, not a huge amount but enough to communicate at a basic level.

    CNN Transcript Mar 30, 2006

  • But the contacts were tough also, difficult, because our captors were a little bit afraid of interference.

    CNN Transcript Apr 16, 2005

  • Now that the priest was rested and thinking more clearly, establishing a personal connection with his captors was a priority.

    Mission Of Honor


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