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  • n. Plural form of raptor.


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  • They marked and released several of the raptors from the Japanese island of Ishigaki, hoping that they would fly south - the birds headed north instead.

    Taipei Times

  • They are also known as raptors daytime raptors, more accurately, to distinguish them from the unrelated and mostly night-loving but equally predatory owls.


  • Utah's Division of Wildlife Resources is inviting the public to watch birds of prey, known as raptors, at its annual Raptor Watch Day on Saturday at an Orem overlook.

    Birds of a feather migrate together |

  • Until relatively recently, all vultures were classified as raptors, or birds of prey, with their habit of feasting on dead animals thought to simply be a variation on the theme of carnivorous birds.

    Vail Daily - Top Stories

  • Randy Zellers, managing editor of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission's Arkansas Wildlife magazine, said owls are classified as raptors, which are protected under strict federal regulations.


  • Birds of prey, also known as raptors, have fascinated people for thousands of years and inspire people even today.


  • Gehlbach said birds of prey, also known as raptors, are becoming more numerous in urban areas across America, thanks to several factors: better legal protection, fewer pesticides in the environment, loss of rural habitat and ample food supplies in cities and suburbs.

    wacotrib - Latest News Headlines

  • The "raptors" and other theropods are very nicely done, especially the big "devilsaur" tyrannosaurids.

    Howard Hughes Looks the Other Way

  • Kosmoceratops lived in Laramidia, an area known as the "lost continent", alongside other herbivores, including armoured ankylosaurs, duck-billed hadrosaurs and dome-headed pachycephalosaurs, and carnivorous predators such as raptors and tyrannosaurs.

    Horniest dinosaur ever discovered ? Kosmoceratops ? found in Utah

  • Think about it this way: in initial designs for Jurassic Park they gave the "'raptors" forked tongues.

    Life's Time Capsule: The Synapsid Gallery


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