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  • n. Any short-lived, reactive species R2C:, especially the parent compound CH2: (also called methylene).


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  • This finding emerged during the course of an investigation of the transition metal effects in carbene reactions.

    Ryoji Noyori - Autobiography

  • Phil Skell, a National Academy of Sciences member and Evan Pugh Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus Penn State University, best known for his work in carbene chemistry, has written a letter to the Kansas State Board of Education, voicing "strong support for the idea that students should be able to study scientific criticisms of the evidence for modern evolutionary theory along with the evidence favoring the theory."

    National Academy of Sciences Member Urges Teaching Both Sides of Darwinism Controversy.

  • The Darwinists care way more about their monopoly on the school system than they do about carbene chemistry.

    National Academy of Sciences Member Urges Teaching Both Sides of Darwinism Controversy.

  • Lectures on my fields, particularly those on metallic complexes of cyclopentadienes and indenes, metal-p-complexes of six-ringed aromatics, mono -, di - and oligo-olefins and most recently metalcarbonyl carbene and carbyne complexes, led me on lecture tours of the United States,

    Ernst Otto Fischer - Autobiography

  • This treatment is based on the use of a silver carbene complex which has shown efficacy as a broad spectrum therapy for patients with cystic fibrosis.


  • He is perhaps best known for his discovery of "high oxidation state carbene" (alkylidene complexes) by alpha hydrogen abstraction in high oxidation state metal alkyl complexes.

    MIT World: Recent Updates

  • N-heterocyclic carbene/Lewis acid catalytic system promotes the addition of homoenolate equivalents to hydrazones, generating highly substituted γ-lactams in moderate to good yields and with high levels of diastereo - and enantioselectivity.

    Naturejobs - All Jobs

  • The carbene activates the CO2, but is then split off again to end the reaction cycle in its original state.


  • Carbon dioxide as a carbon source - a carbene catalyst opens new perspectives


  • The researchers in Singapore produced the carbene catalyst used in the reaction in situ from a precursor.



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