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  • n. Plural form of dimer.


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  • And guess what, the tubulin dimers that make up the microtubules are small enough to be influenced by quantum level effects.

    Coordinated Evolution

  • That may well operate via quantum weirdness as well, at least per the Penrose-Hameroff Orch-OR model of consciousness – where tubulin dimers in the microtubules of centrioles and cytoskeleton perform quantum computational information processing by configurational state-switching.

    Coordinated Evolution

  • * dimers is looking for work in the Boston area (T or bus-accessible from Davis Square).

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  • Constraining the interactions by anchoring some of the particles on a surface allowed the scientists to reliably form a variety of structures from two-particle clusters (called dimers) to more complex 3-D nanoparticle crystals. - latest science and technology news stories

  • In 1982 Stuart Hameroff, along with R.C. Watt, presented a paper titled Information Processing in Microtubules where they laid out how the tubulin dimers that make up microtubules can act like on/off bits in a computer.

    Damn Duck

  • I realize that each episode takes nine months to make, but there were more noteworthy nickel and dimers and exploiters of children in the news in the last twenty-odd years.

    Catie Lazarus: TV Review: The Cleveland Show

  • The similarity of action spectra for thymine dimers in human epidermis and erythema suggests that DNA is the chromophore for erythema.

    Potential impacts of direct mechanisms of climate change on human health in the Arctic

  • “Histone dimers: a fundamental unit in histone assembly.”

    Ruth Sperling.

  • An accumulation of thymine dimers results which have devastating consequences for diseased victims who yet retain other fully functional repair mechanisms.

    A Dubious "Opportunity" for IDers

  • Margulis thinks they were once independent spirochetes (like a virus of tubulin/actin instead of DNA), which provided useful sensory, molecular transport, signal transduction (the dimers are dipolar state-switchers) and information processing advantages to primitive single-celled life forms.

    Coordinated Evolution


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