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  • adj. Having atoms of only one element, especially having elements of only a single isotope.
  • adj. Taking place within the same ring of a compound.


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homo- +‎ nuclear


  • Each 199Hg atom has nuclear spin Â-, and the total spin F (electronic plus nuclear) of the dimer is 0 because of the symmetry rules for the total wave function of a homonuclear diatomic molecule consisting of two fermions.

    Bell's Theorem

  • I tried in particular to design a scheme of homonuclear broadband decoupling to simplify proton resonance spectra.

    Richard R. Ernst - Autobiography

  • Principle of operation: In this technique infrared radiation interacts with all gas molecules, except homonuclear diatoms, by exciting the molecular vibrations and rotations.

    IndiaPRwire - Press/News Releases

  • These experimental structures were originally acquired from multiple samples analyzed using two-dimensional homonuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy at a peptide molar concentration of 2. 0-4.0 mM dissolved in water or 10 mM sodium phosphate solution

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles


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