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  • adj. On different rings of a polycyclic organic molecule
  • adj. Having atoms or nuclei of different type


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  • Helium hydride is the simplest heteronuclear molecule (besides HD), yet its spectrum had not been observed.

    Wolfgang Ketterle - Autobiography

  • Still at Varian, I was further extending my earlier work on stochastic resonance with the introduction of heteronuclear broadband decoupling by noise irradiation, the "noise decoupling" that led to a rapid development in carbon-13 spectroscopy.

    Richard R. Ernst - Autobiography

  • Prof. John S. Waugh extended it for applications to solid state resonance, and the research group of Prof. Ray Freeman, particularly Geoffrey Bodenhausen, contributed some of the first heteronuclear experiments.

    Richard R. Ernst - Autobiography

  • 1H-1H correlation spectroscopy (COSY) and heteronuclear multiple bond correlation

    Naturejobs - All Jobs


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