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  • n. A person who pursues the advancement of his career at the expense of other values.
  • adj. Of or pertaining to such a person or way of life

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  • n. A professional who follows a career.

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  • n. a professional who is intent on furthering his or her career by any possible means and often at the expense of their own integrity


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From career +‎ -ist


  • The heated exchange reflects a growing polarisation between two camps within the Fatah movement: the nationalist, or "Arafatist" camp, which is faithful to the legacy of Yasser Arafat and is determined to maintain the "purity" of the national struggle for independence and freedom; and the so-called "pragmatic camp", namely the careerist-minded Oslo-era beneficiaries who have profited immensely as a result of the status-quo.

    Al-Ahram Weekly Online

  • Some might stay on indefinitely, happy with a job suited to their talents, (like re-up'ing a 'careerist' in the public-employee military service).

    An idea to save newspapers (Jack Bog's Blog)

  • It's strange that Purnell has been called a "careerist" by John Prescott on his blog today.

    John Hutton joins the ranks of the rebels

  • To be sure, much of the hysteria from the left wing in Australia mirrors the leftist frenzy within the U.S. Mrs. Palin was always going to upset the global sisterhood for not being the right kind of careerist woman.

    What's the Matter With Sarah?

  • If Lucy is 'careerist' why would she be trying to get selected for this seat?

    Archive 2007-03-11

  • Poor Jerome is shown to have been a tempting target for bullies from an early age, and hence an unlikely candidate for any kind of careerist rat race.

    The Devil Is a Dominatrix, But Streep's No Real Surprise

  • It seems to me in your left wing bubble you are determines to tar anyone who won't support McDonnell as "careerist" or "right of centre" - even if neither of those points are true.

    Blair Says "Deport Beckett Now"

  • Surely that makes me someone who is not voting for McDonnell because, amongst other things, I cannot stand the man - not a "careerist".

    Blair Says "Deport Beckett Now"

  • I think those who are calling Short a 'careerist' have swallowed some bizarre hard-left dictionary where words become entirely divested of their true meaning.

    Long And Short of It - Clare Resigns

  • + Marsha seems to claim that if you are on the centre left of the party the only candidate you can support is McDonnell - otherwise you are "careerist" and "right wing".

    Last Night's Blog Conversation Summarised


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