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  • n. Fortune telling using cards, as in tarot.

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  • n. The art of telling fortunes with cards.

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  • n. Divination by means of playing-cards.


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Confer French cartomancie. See card and -mancy.


  • Although usually used for games, including card games with wagering, playing cards are also used for divination (so called cartomancy), illusions and tricks, and even for building unsteady houses of cards.


  • There is also the highly suggestive definitation of cartomancy - literally from the French carte card + mancie -mancy: fortune-telling by the use of playing cards.

    Archive 2008-02-01

  • This isn't based on that cartomancy idea you mentioned to me in Mexico, is it?

    Another Word For Map is Faith

  • For example, I knew that Chinese zombies jump instead of shuffle (moriarty6 says it has something to do with rigor mortis); and I've got a passing familiarity with the basics of cartomancy.

    In honor of the date: 6/6/6 - Shaolin Vs. Evil Dead

  • Balzac was interested in the occult sciences -- in chiromancy and cartomancy.

    Women in the Life of Balzac

  • You will probably be unacquainted with the meaning which attaches to the figure of the product, but it will occur to you that the 9 of spades is regarded as the disappointment in cartomancy.

    Devil-Worship in France or The Question of Lucifer

  • ` The art of cartomancy, or divination by playing-cards, dates from an early period of their obscure history.

    The Gaming Table : Its Votaries and Victims : Vol. 2

  • Well you can by consulting cartomancy, usually this is labeled as entertainment purposes only, however you will be very surprised at how accurate these readings can be.

    Celebrity Online News - Celebrity Gossip, Celebrity Information and Celebrity Reports. Celebrity RSS Feed Available

  • Tara’s mother had never treated her abilities with cartomancy as a curse.

    Dark Oracle

  • In this work there is a somewhat different account of cartomancy to that which I have expounded ` on the best authorities 'and from practical experience with the adepts in the art; but, in a matter of such immense im portance to ladies of all degrees, I have thought proper to give, in foot-notes, the differing interpretations of the writer in the Book of Days, who professes to speak with some authority, not however, I think, superior to mine, for I have investigated the subject to the utmost.

    The Gaming Table : Its Votaries and Victims : Vol. 2


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  • it is all in the cards

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