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  • n. One who carves
  • n. carving knife
  • n. butcher


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  • SIMON: Mr. Cully, how did you become a master pumpkin carver?

    The Master Carver Vs. The 1,800-Pound Pumpkin

  • Mr. CULLY: I became a pumpkin carver in autumn of 1988, and my wife and I had a 400 pound pumpkin at the time, as I recall, a little over 400 pounds.

    The Master Carver Vs. The 1,800-Pound Pumpkin

  • Mike sez, Last month's visit to Washington DC saw the usual exchange of diplomatic gifts - Gordon Brown gave President Obama a pen holder carver from the timbers of a ship involved in the fight against slavery.

    Boing Boing

  • At the end of the night, the winning carver is announced, and the radishes of Oaxaca can rest easy for another year.

    Radish Night in Oaxaca

  • It is used for the famous Tunbridge ware, and is called the carver's tree, because, as the poet says,

    Among the Trees at Elmridge

  • In the marriage certificate her father is described as a carver, for what reason I am unable to determine, for I have a very distinct recollection that Gissing told me he was a bootmaker, probably even a cobbler.

    The Private Life of Henry Maitland

  • At a motion of the indicating finger of the hostess, the tempting dish was brought forward, and carefully placed on the table before the many-titled carver, amid a shower of compliments to the distinguished artificer of so fine an edible structure, from him and many others of the admiring company.

    The Rangers; or, The Tory's Daughter A tale illustrative of the revolutionary history of Vermont

  • They confirm why Matisse the painter was called a carver of color and space.

    NYT > Home Page

  • the carver was a sitting duck killed by the auto and motorbike industries that wouldn't withstand the challenge! the hybrid is a mirage! at an all electric range of at least 20 miles


  • 'Ah, my friend,' he said, seeing me staring at his belt, 'you are looking at my "carver".

    Allan Quatermain


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