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  • n. tutti-frutti ice-cream


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  • In the places he worked, and the other bakeries we visited, you would find cannoli and pignoli cookies loaded with almond paste, and cassata cakes Sicilian cannoli cake.

    Cake Boss

  • Now both Martorana Fruit and cassata are nationally recognizable banners for Sicilian pastry chefs.


  • There is no feature of Sicilian food more strange than the outlandish colors on display in pastry shops: cassata, a sponge cake with ricotta cheese encased in stripes of iced marzipan in white and pale turquoise-green decorated with multihued candied fruit; and “Martorana Fruit”—marzipan dyed with garish greens, reds, and yellows and sculpted into the shape of watermelon slices, figs, and prickly pears.


  • Its products are disappearing as fast as they can be made: mini-cannoli, marzipan tomatoes and lemons, slices of cassata—the dessert with “more than ten centuries of history” behind it, according to the makers.


  • Mix it with some berries or other fruit in a dessert glass, turn a horizontally split pound cake into a yummy cassata (fill with c.c. and frost with some more, or some marzipan, or a chocolate ganache), or spoon it into little bowls for your guests to dip their cookies; it is so good.

    "Don't Forget the Cannoli " Cream

  • You can use this filling sandwiched inside sponge cakes and then covered with meringue, kind of like a cassata though the spoon thing isn't too bad either.

    Ricotta Filled Cannoli

  • They include cassata, a bombe filled with ricotta mousse with chocolate, hazelnuts and cherries, topped with white chocolate sauce and a light, creamy chilled strawberry zabaglione.

    More Tables, More Tourists at Midtown Sibling of Rao's

  • I recollect only the sword-fish, a local speciality, and (as crowning glory) the _cassata alla siciliana, _ a glacial symphony, a multicoloured ice of commingling flavours, which requires far more time to describe than to devour.

    Old Calabria

  • One of the classic Sicilian Christmas cakes, cassata cake, was popular as far back as the 12th century and is believed to have originated several centuries before that, when the Arab occupiers of Sicily first brought sugar to the island.

    The Daily News - News

  • In Sicily, variations of cassata cake often are birthday cakes with chocolate icing, but the Christmas cake always has a white frosting.

    The Daily News - News


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  • Neapolitan ice-cream with candied fruit and nuts.

    December 15, 2007