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  • Quarrelsome, as a cat and a dog; disposed to disagree or fight; inharmonious: as, to lead a cat-and-dog life.
  • n. Same as tip-cat.


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  • And there was usually more or less of a cat-and-dog squabble between the boys and the public, with every one yelling at the top of his voice.

    Your Call Is (Not That) Important to Us

  • The history lesson begins on Aug. 11, 1991, with the premiere of the first three Nicktoons: gross-out cat-and-dog pair "Ren & Stimpy"; sensitive and caring "Doug"; and the wise, large-headed baby "Rugrats."


  • This morning's cat-and-dog weather is the sort of downpour that outsiders think we get on a daily basis.

    Seattle Bon Vivant:

  • OK, I could accept five minutes of furious clicking, but counting "one cat-and-dog, two cat-and-dog ... ten cat-and-dog" between clicks would take ages.

    Archive 2006-08-01

  • They smiled and were gracious, called each other Butterwell and Crosbie, and abstained from all cat-and-dog absurdities.

    The Last Chronicle of Barset

  • Nor could the law make her lord come home and live with her, even such a cat-and-dog life as must in such case have been hers.

    Lady Anna

  • Having no desire to be entertained by a cat-and-dog combat, I stepped forward briskly, as if eager to partake the warmth of the hearth, and innocent of any knowledge of the interrupted dispute.

    Wuthering Heights

  • The so-called Coolidge bull market resisted a vast and constantly increasing stream of new stock issues, split-ups, and stock rights, but it was finally brought to an end by a great flood of investment-trust, bank-stock, and miscellaneous unseasoned cat-and-dog issues which form a vivid illustration of the extremes to which this tendency to multiply the units of speculation can go.

    Whirlwinds of Speculation

  • We lived a cat-and-dog existence, and parted with mutual recriminations, since when I have not seen her!

    The Imaginary Marriage

  • "There has been a cat-and-dog fight; only this time the cat's velvety paws scratched the poor little dog and wounded it sorely."

    Aunt Judith The Story of a Loving Life


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