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  • adj. Involving or representing different departments, as of a business, an academic institution, or a government: "the petty interdepartmental squabbling that surrounds the making of . . . foreign policy” ( Morton A. Reichek).

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  • adj. Between departments; to do with the connection of departments.
  • adj. Involving multiple departments; multi-departmental.

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  • adv. between departments
  • adj. between or among departments


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inter- + department + -al


  • Best still, they call their interdepartmental evolution program “Darwinian Sciences.”

    Egnorance: The Egotistical Combination of Ignorance and Arrogance - The Panda's Thumb

  • This is why schools like NYU (which do of course have innumerable fluffy 'interdepartmental' study programs like the ones Taylor recommends) look absurd when their students - among the most powerful and privileged citizens in the country - are staging a protest on their nearly privatized Washington Square Park campus: their tuitions have a direct and transparent role in the erosion of the public good.


  • It is almost pedestrian at this point to wonder why Palin (rather than the equally deserving Obama) was chosen as representative of a "fairy tale" - one presumes that, were they intellectually consistent or idealistically coherent, women's studies profs or feminist English profs at Metro would have located misogynistic assumptions in the choice of assignment material and would have launched their own critiques of Mr Hallam - but that kind of interdepartmental fighting is trivial when, in the larger sense, the object of scorn is a political opponent worthy of criticism.

    protein wisdom

  • 'interdepartmental' bidding process will help centralize operations and reduce duplication.

    SwampBubbles - News, Politics, Reports

  • The following day, Eisenhower ordered Arthur Flemming, the director of the Office of Defense Mobilization, to convene an interdepartmental task force to study the long-term implications of oil supplies, given the Suez crisis, including development of supertankers and additional pipelines from the Middle East oilfields to the Mediterranean; Goodpaster to Flemming, Sept. 12, 1956, Dwight D.

    Eisenhower 1956

  • Truman ordered his new secretary of state, Jimmy Byrnes, to form an interdepartmental group to thrash out a new plan to coordinate the intelligence arms of the State Department, military, and FBI.

    Wild Bill Donovan

  • But it notes: That decision [on the 2025 target] was a key moment [but] was undercut by the very public interdepartmental battle that preceded it which made the resistance of ministers in Treasury and business to stretching emissions reductions targets very clear.

    Coalition failing on majority of green pledges, analysis shows

  • Additional conferences include monthly interdepartmental clinical correlation conferences in Gastroenterology, Neuroradiology and ENT, and Urology, as well as Quality Improvement, General Physics, Academic lectures, and bi-weekly (Monday and Tuesday) Teaching File conferences at which time the fellow is responsible for submitting at least 3 or 4 cases per week.

    Pediatric Radiology Fellowship

  • The intelligence system is a byzantine mess, filled with needless redundancies and overlap, and crazy and counterproductive interdepartmental rivalries.

    Matthew Yglesias » Chief of Staff

  • He has intervened to create an interdepartmental agency to put an end to the turf wars among domestic security agencies competing to lead the counterterrorism effort.

    Indonesia's Institution-Builder


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