intergovernmental love



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  • adj. Being or occurring between two or more governments or divisions of a government.

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  • adj. Of, pertaining to, or involving two or more governments


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  • The chronic uncertainty and instability in intergovernmental relations which has deterred necessary drive and initiative in the private sector.

    Canada's Economy—Can We Advance Back to Reason?

  • The issue of co-ordination between the different levels of government, popularly called intergovernmental relationships, have not been fully developed in our country.


  • And also, they're undergoing sort of a constitutional revision process in what's called the intergovernmental conference, where they're looking at their basic treaties and see how those treaties should be updated, made more effective.

    Backgrounder On President Summit With Eu Leaders

  • There are two sections that make up the Federal Debt, the public or taxpayer portion and what are called intergovernmental holdings, or what the government owes itself between departments (which ultimately are also charged to the taxpayer).

    US Market Commentary from Seeking Alpha

  • Call me reactionary, but I don't see anything apolitical in a panel created by a group of nations calling itself "intergovernmental".

    Rabett Run

  • Alternatives such as intergovernmental agreements that mandate development of management arrangements at the basin scale may need to be explored.

    Ecosystems and Human Well-being~ Wetlands and Water~ Wetlands and Water~ Ecosystems and Human Well-being

  • The "intergovernmental" cabal in the European Union are flexing their muscles, introducing elements which were in the constitution – and some which predated it – but in many ways freezing out the Commission and keeping the power within the ambit of the European Council and participating member state leaders.

    Democracy or stability?

  • The eventual retreat from Iraq by the British, therefore, will also mark a retreat from the US-led coalition and a move more fully into the "intergovernmental" structure of the European Union, where Blair's (or his successor's) foreign and defence policy will be increasingly defined by his colleagues in the European Council "cabinet".

    Democracy or stability?

  • The second, "intergovernmental" model differs in that crucial respect in that, while the objectives are exactly the same, the ruling body is a cabal made up from the leaders of the member states.

    Democracy or stability?

  • Yet again, though, the same old arguments are being wheeled out, that action is often delayed as police and judicial co-operation falls within the "intergovernmental" Pillar III provisions of the Treaty of the European Union, with decisions reached by unanimity.

    Another try-on?


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