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  • n. meat from a cat
  • n. catfood consisting of meat
  • n. someone who has been badly beaten


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

cat +‎ meat


  • Steven said ... my grandmother actually once ate cat tuna voluntarily ... at least we think she knew what she was doing. i mean, the can had a picture of a cat on it. i guess she might have thought she was eating catmeat.

    Fancy Feast? Not exactly.

  • And given, finally, the spectacle of an unusually intelligent young man, still almost fully in possession of the standard engineer's education of his time, desperately sitting through this barrage of unchangingly insignificant news stories, as daily and as interchangeable as a dish of catmeat, in the sole hope of hearing something which might lead him to a job.

    And all the Stars a Stage

  • The afternoon was well advanced when, as half through a dream, John Steele heard the rude jingling of a bell, -- the catmeat man, or the milkman, drowsily he told himself.

    Half A Chance

  • _ And after that all the other women looked like a dime's worth of catmeat.

    Subspace Survivors

  • The only difference between eating "chicken, rabbit or pigeon" and eating catmeat is one of subjective sentimentality.

    Guardian Online

  • Jews are "scum, rats, pigs, monkeys" and that uncovered women are catmeat asking to be raped he would have never had a problem.

    Winds Of Jihad By SheikYerMami

  • Hilaly's catmeat comments were just painful to watch, as were the attitudes expressed by other more conservative Muslims on the show.

    Crikey » Canberra Calling


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