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  • n. One that caves.
  • n. One who explores or studies caves, especially as a sport or recreational pursuit.

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  • n. A person who explores caves; a spelunker.
  • n. One who works the tailings of a mine to extract small pieces of marketable ore.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • n. A person stealing ore from the mines in Derbyshire, England, and punishable in the barmote or miners' court.
  • n. An officer belonging to the Derbyshire mines.
  • n. A gentle breeze.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From cave +‎ -er.


  • What little character development that exists -- one caver is blamed for another's death years before -- is trivial and serves no real purpose to the plot.

    Rabid Rewind: The Cavern

  • EE: So, Jim - isn't it true your hobby as a caver is really a cover up for the work you're doing for N. S.A.'s search for Atlantis?


  • He may not be a "caver," but he soon became a "cavee."

    Roger I. Abrams: Rush Blitzed

  • Some decades later he is still a caver, leading extreme expeditions into the deepest caves on Earth: weeks of rappelling into the dark, swimming through narrow water tunnels, sleeping well below the surface on ledges and outcrops sometimes never before visited, and then climbing back up sheer cliffs.

    First Contact

  • It was inspired by the story of caver Floyd Collins, who was trapped in

    8/16/08: O hai

  • Three weeks ago, a caver named Al Tibbits found a clump of dead bats outside a cave opening forty miles west of Albany, New York, in a town called Slingerlands.

    Going Mutant

  • One thing I did notice was that I didn't have any problem with the alertness stress and exhaustion some of my caver friends report.

    a day without a bruise is wasted.

  • We went the length of one side of the cave, down to what's called the Lake Room, where there is indeed a small underground lake (about fifteen feet deep and maybe ten feet by twenty-five feet in area), and there our Fearless Leader told us about a caver who had died in the lake, working on a dig -- attempting to remove enough sediment to connect an underwater passageway to another nearby cave.

    a day without a bruise is wasted.

  • To me, this story builds the meme of "Hillary the caver."

    Report: Obama Campaign Wrong On Hillary And NAFTA

  • Obama is a pandering caver like every politician before him.

    Clark Stands By Comments About McCain


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