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  • n. A material consisting of processed ceramic particles bonded with metal and used in high-strength and high-temperature applications. Also called ceramal.

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  • n. A composite material composed of ceramic and metal materials, used in such applications as industrial saws and turbine blades.


cer(amic) + met(al).
(American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fourth Edition)
ceramic + metal (Wiktionary)


  • All she saw was the cermet suit, like armor, and the strange metal pistons of the muscle amplifiers on the backs of his gloves, like a skeleton's hands, but made of metal rather than bone.


  • Edith was surprised when Doug went to the new cermet suit, standing in a locker marked DO NOT TOUCH: EXPERIMENTAL EQUIPMENT.


  • The suit Doug wore was a cermet hard shell from boots to helmet; even the joints at the ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists were overlapping circles of cermet.


  • The diminutive physicist clasped the sleeve of Doug's cermet suit.


  • Gordette's brows knit as he recognized the cermet suit that he had once sabotaged.


  • TOUCHDOWN MINUS 32 MINUTES In his cermet spacesuit Doug stood on the rock floor of the garage as the last of the tractors trundled through the open hatch of the main airlock.


  • The device's cermet element provides better stability than carbon elements, while its 2,000 VRMS dielectric strength offers greater reliability and robustness.

  • VSH - News today announced a new cermet panel potentiometer that features long life to 2 million cycles and full IP67 sealing for reliable operation in extreme environmental conditions.

  • A key feature of DR reamers is the use of a narrow, high-rigidity ring-type cutting element, produced using either micrograin carbide (coated and uncoated) or cermet.

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  • Products include conductive and insulating inks, position sensing resistor elements, cermet and polymer thick film components and circuits, carbon fiber heaters, Sonicrimp® technology, and EMC shrinkMate.

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