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  • verb Present participle of encumber.


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  • Our PCs ranged from halflings and humans in encumbering armor (Move +8) to barbarians and monks (Move +16).

    Life In The Big City – Chase Rules « Geek Related

  • The whole thing has been a hideous blunder, and the idea of encumbering a force of four thousand men with something like thirty thousand camp followers, and with a train of no less than nineteen thousand bullocks, to say nothing of other draught animals, is the most preposterous thing I ever heard of.

    At the Point of the Bayonet A Tale of the Mahratta War

  • Hodge knew Serjeant Gaythorn, and knew that the poor man's wife had been shot dead in the flight from Naseby; but he demurred at the notion of encumbering himself with the child when he went into the town.

    Under the Storm

  • Here and there, along this wall of the vein, he attacked the crumbling rock with the pick and shoveled the encumbering soil away.

    Chapter XXVII

  • Mr. Anesko declares May 4 a holiday for James scholars, for it was on that day in 1973 that Edel's trust was busted and the librarian at the Houghton rescinded all "the encumbering regulations that for so long prevented scores of researchers from accessing these desirable resources."

    The Afterlife of the Lion

  • "It's tying up the smaller companies by encumbering their balance sheets so they haven't got the capital to invest in the North Sea, and it's stopping deals being done," says Malcolm Webb , chief executive of Oil and Gas UK.

    Rig-Retiring Worries Linger for Oil Firms

  • "The bottom line is two fold, my heart wants me to get on a plane tonight and to be in your loving arms – my head is saying how do we put the Genie back in the bottle because I sure don't want to be encumbering you, or your options or your life."

    Sanford e-mail: I've 'crossed lines I never would have imagined'

  • ATV before and it was deemed a good idea for us to try it once without the encumbering space suit.

    MDRS-88 sol 2: Infant mortality

  • Jo Ellen turned around and mortgaged the home three times, so encumbering it with loans that it is valueless to creditors.

    Edgar Allen

  • Despite the terrifying headlines about encumbering graduates with mountains of debt, in practice they will work as a rough-and-ready graduate tax, so that expensive university education is paid for afterwards.

    The quest for knowledge is good in itself and helps the country thrive


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